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Tickets to the Royal Caledonian Ball are available by party and by application only. In order to apply, please email the Secretary.


Successful applicants will be sent a private link to acquire their party's tickets. Please note that hosts are solely responsible for payment and the conduct of their party on the night. Payment can be made either via bank transfer or cheque. 


Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved (with the exception of Patroness parties).

Ticket prices are as follows this year:

Dancing only: £165 / £150 concession rate*

Reception, dinner and dancing: £290 / £275 concession rate*

£10 of every ticket goes directly to the Royal Caledonian Charities Trust's annual round of charitable grants.

* Concession rate tickets are available to serving members of His Majesty's Armed Forces (plus one guest). 

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