The Earl of Kinnoull


Vice Presidents
The Earl of Erroll


Mr John Shields


Miss Emilie O'Herne

The Executive Committee

Miss Tatiana Bell

Mr Guy Dawson
Mr George Hewson
Mr Alexander Irvine-Fortescue

Mrs Iain Macdonald

Mr Andrew Murray

Lady Iona Murray Spink

Miss Georgina Shryane

The Scottish Committee

The Lord Biddulph

Mr Patrick Colquhoun

Mrs James Fraser

Mr Roddy Martine

Mr Guy Macpherson Grant

Mrs Jon Strickland

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
TRH The Duke & Duchess of Kent

Artwork by Beatrice Hasell-McCosh

The Royal Caledonian Charities Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales under number: 213074

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