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Supporting Scottish people in need

The Royal Caledonian Ball and its associated Charities Trust have raised crucial funds for Scottish causes for nearly two centuries. Initially set up to support the Caledonian Asylum (now the Royal Caledonian School) and the Scottish Hospital in London (now ScotsCare), the Trust remains focused on the care of people in need.

Our aim is to give where it will make the greatest difference. We believe in thinking globally and acting locally: by combining our national platform with local insight, our grants are able to help hundreds of people across Scotland each year - from the Highlands and Islands down to the Borders. 

We are a grant-giving trust working with small charities across Scotland. The constitution of the Trust states that its charitable gifts must go towards the support of Scottish people, with a particular focus on the following groups: the elderly; children and young people; the homeless; veterans; the ill and injured; and those living with disabilities. In 2021, despite the cancellation of the Royal Caledonian Ball and thanks to the generosity of our supporters - including the Al Thani Foundation - we were able to split £30,000 equally among ten different charities. 

Grants usually range between £500 and £5000. Applications for our 2022 grants are due to open in the summer.


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