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Centuries of charitable giving


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Supporting Scots in need

For over two centuries, the Royal Caledonian Ball and its associated Charities Trust have raised crucial funds for Scottish causes. Initially set up to support the Caledonian Asylum (now Forces Children Scotland) and the Scottish Hospital in London (now ScotsCare), the Trust remains focused on the care of Scottish people in need.


Honouring our traditions

First organised during the great "Tartan Revival" of 1822, the Royal Caledonian Ball has been held almost annually since and remains a staple of the London social season. Its many traditions give it an unparalleled sense of heritage and history: to dance at the Ball is to dance in the footsteps of the generations who came before.

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Sharing the best of Scotland

Through our magazine and digital channels, we share the very best of Scotland: from its natural beauty and community spirit to local artisans and age-old traditions. With a worldwide audience and strong base of supporters, it is our privilege to bring a bit of bonnie Scotland to those beyond its borders.

Two centuries of supporting Scots in need

Charity has always been at the heart of the Royal Caledonian Ball. This is no less true now than it was two hundred years ago.

Funds raised at the Ball and beyond go towards an annual round of grants made by the Royal Caledonian Charities Trust. The Trust supports small to medium sized charities across Scotland, ensuring funds go where they are most needed and make the greatest possible difference.

Grants focus on six key areas of work: the elderly; children and young people; veterans; the homeless; the ill and injured; and those living with disabilities.

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