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Scottish Veterans Residences

Scottish Veterans Residences (SVR) provides supported housing for former members of the UK Armed Forces who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Its services are located in Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow. The Royal Caledonian Charities Trust is a longstanding supporter of its work, most recently through a £3,000 grant in 2021.


Just over a century ago, two Seaforth Highlanders – Charles Pelham Burn and Chilton Lind Addison Smith – saw the squalor veterans in Edinburgh were existing in and decided something had to be done to help. They set up a fundraising campaign that led them to leasing Whitefoord House in the city’s Royal Mile to house and support veterans.

Nowadays, the original dormitories are long gone and SVR can offer 127 en-suite rooms, 30 supported flats, and 46 independent affordable rental flats across the three cities. In 2019 alone they helped their 240 residents by:

  • Providing 867 hours of counselling with registered practitioners

  • Assisting residents with 228 benefits claims

  • Helping with 7 AFCS/War Pension claims

  • Supporting 62 veterans to move on to their own tenancy

  • Enabling 26 veterans to undertake volunteering work

  • Helping 135 residents to take up an activity, sport or hobby

  • Helping 36 residents undertake training or education

  • Helping 16 veterans to get jobs

  • Offering activities such as art groups' yoga, cycling, gardening, barbecues, games nights and quizzes arranged by volunteers, outdoor weeks in the Highlands (including climbing, kayaking and mountain biking), visits to places of interest and visits by other organisations and groups.

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