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The ill & injured

Illness and injury can be devastating to patients and their loved ones, especially in remote areas where services may be harder to come by. The Royal Caledonian Charities Trust strives to support local organisations helping those facing what is often some of the darkest times in their life, from palliative care providers to mental health champions and voluntary medical transport services. You can find some examples to the right. 

Health in Mind

Health In Mind provide mental health and wellbeing services in a caring and compassionate way, supporting people to develop coping strategies and skills to live the way they want to. The charity promotes awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing through information sharing and training, embedding  trauma informed principles of choice, empowerment, safety, trust and collaboration into everything they do.

The Royal Caledonian Charities Trust has supported Health In Mind on several occasions, including their COVID19 response in West Lothian. This included the launch of a local befriending service, peer support groups and a new wellbeing course.


Highland Hospice

The Highland Hospice's ambition is to provide people facing life shortening illness, death and bereavement in the Highlands with the best possible care and support. Hospice care focuses on the individual and puts the needs of them and their families at the centre of decision-making. By managing their pain and other physical symptoms, the Hospice helps make time and space for reflection, for gaining perspective and for achieving a measure of calm. Crucially, its team also offers advice with the emotional, social and spiritual issues that may arise and works with patients, families and carers at a time of transition to help them enjoy, value and commemorate life.

As well as providing services direct to those in need, the Highland Hospice works in partnership with local communities and support professional and unpaid carers by sharing resources and offering training and mentoring, so they can provide the best care they can.

Its services are offered free of charge to all those in the Highlands who need them. The Royal Caledonian Charities Trust is honoured to have supported this independent local charity in the past.


North East Rider Volunteers Scotland (NERVS)

The North East Riders Volunteers (NERVS) are a group of Aberdeenshire-based volunteers who provide free transportation services to the National Health Service. Their team ferry medical samples and treatments, medical equipment (such as will fit on a bike, or even a car), donated breast milk and files between different locations for free. NERVS is affiliated to the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB). and operates  seven days a week. Grants from the Royal Caledonian Charities Trust have helped them acquire crucial equipment. 

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