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Our Patronesses


From the very beginning, a select group of women has overseen the organisation of the Royal Caledonian Ball and supported its charitable endeavours. Known as Patronesses, they are either Scottish by birth, married to a Scot, or have other strong ties to Scotland. Although they are no longer required to be married - as was the case until relatively recently - and their role is now largely honorary in many ways, the Patronesses continue to provide a vital link to Scotland and a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas.

The Duchess of Argyll

The Marchioness of Huntly

The Marchioness of Lothian

Jennifer, Marchioness of Bute

The Lady Louise Burrell

The Lady Alexandra Etherington

The Countess of Sutherland

The Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery

Marion, Countess of Eglinton and Winton

Malvina, Countess of Moray

The Countess of Moray

The Countess of Lindsay

The Countess of Kinnoull

The Countess of Elgin and Kincardine

The Countess of Dalhousie

The Countess of Rosebery

The Countess of Mansfield and Mansfield

The Dowager Countess Cowley

Lady Hay

Caroline, Lady Dalmeny

Lady Louisa Stewart Howitt

Lady Diana Godfrey-Faussett

Lady Melissa Edwards

Lady Iona Ind

Lady Lucy Garton

Lady Emma Mahmood

Lady Georgina Bullough of Culcreuch DL

Lady Iona Murray Spink

Lady Elspeth Hordern

Lady Helena Wilson

The Lady Strange

The Lady Saltoun

The Lady Ashcombe

Jean, Lady Tweedsmuir

The Lady Strathclyde

The Lady Griffiths

The Lady Hope of Craighall

Baroness Fraser of Craigmaddie

Baroness Alexandra von und zu Guttenberg

Baroness van Randwyck

The Hon Mrs Thomas Lindsay

The Hon Mrs Montagu Erskine

The Hon Mrs David Dalrymple

The Hon Mrs Hugo Grimston

The Hon Mrs Robin Gurdon

The Hon Sophia Bradford

The Hon Charlotte Drummond of Megginch

The Hon Alexandra Foley

The Hon Fiona Fraser

The Hon Katharine Fraser

The Hon Catherine Herdman

The Hon Mrs John Drummond

The Hon Mrs Jonathan Forbes

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw

Barbara, Lady Grant of Monymusk

Lady Colquhoun of Luss

Lady MacGregor of MacGregor

Lady Ivory of Brewlands

Lady Macpherson of Biallid

Lady Reid

Lady Stevens

Mrs Mark Anderson

Mrs Christopher Arkell

Mrs Richard Baillie

Mrs Daniel Balfour

Mrs Nicholas Bardswell

Mrs Nicholas Bastin

Mrs Justin Bell

Mrs Richard Birchall

Mrs Christopher Boyle

Mrs Evan Bruce-Gardyne

Mrs Alexander Campbell

Mrs Nigel Chamberlayne-Macdonald

Mrs Edward Cole

Mrs Patrick Colquhoun, Younger of Luss

Mrs Charles Craig

Mrs Alexander Crawford

Mrs Guy Dawson

Mrs Gavin Donovan

Mrs Henry Elphick

Mrs Mark Fairbanks-Smith

Mrs Nicholas Fane

Mrs Colin Farquharson of Whitehouse

Mrs Logie Fitzwilliams

Mrs Alexander Friend

Mrs Anthony Foyle

Mrs Simon Fraser

Mrs Robert Gladstone of Capenoch

Mrs Fiona Glynne-Percy

Mrs Benedict Goodall

Mrs Andrew Gordon

Mrs James Greener

Mrs Dominic Grieve

Mrs Thomas Hay

Mrs Alexander Hay of Duns

Mrs James Hender

Mrs James Hepburne Scott

Mrs Marcus Humphrey

Miss Helen Hutton

Mrs Micky Ingall

Miss Laura Irwin

Mrs Jamie Landale

Mrs James Lee-Steere

Mrs Gordon Lee-Steere

Ms Fiona Leslie

Mrs Henry Lowson

Mrs Andrew Lyon-Carroll

Mrs Andrew Macdonald

Mrs Iain Macdonald

Mrs Jack Macdonald

Mrs Charles Macdonald of Tote

Mrs Macdonald of Tote

Mrs Ranald Macdonald Yr of Clanranald

Mrs MacGregor of Cardney

Mrs Anthony Mackenzie Smith

Mrs Angus Macpherson of Biallid

Mrs Duncan Macpherson

Miss Ishbel Macpherson

Mrs Guy Macpherson-Grant

Mrs Thomas Martin

Mrs Owain Mason-Johns

Mrs Alastair Mathewson

Mrs Jeremy Mead

Mrs Pinkie Methven

Mrs David Moody

Mrs Houston Morris

Mrs James Shepherd Morris

Mrs Andrew Murray

Mrs Harry Nickerson

Mrs Edward Novis

Mrs Richard Oliphant of Oliphant

Mrs Charles O’Riordan

Mrs Christopher Pease

Mrs William Ramsay

Mrs Niel Redpath

Mrs Rupert Robson

Mrs Oliver Russell of Ballindalloch

Mrs Iver Salvesen

Mrs Francis Salvesen

Mrs Robert Shields

Mrs John Shields

Mrs Edward Stansfeld

Mrs Robert Stansfeld

Mrs Steuart Fothringham of Pourie

Mrs Charles Steuart Fothringham

Mrs John Stevenson-Hamilton

Mrs Ralph Stewart-Wilson of Balnakeilly

Mrs Jon Strickland

Mrs Barnaby Swire

Mrs Roger Tym

Mrs Charles Vyvyan

Mrs Justin Young

Mrs James Younger

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