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Dance Card

A mixture of Scottish reels and popular ballroom dances are enjoyed at the Royal Caledonian Ball, drawing on centuries of tradition. A full list of the dances - as well as link to teaching videos for the reels - can be found below for your reference.

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1991 Princess Royal (3).jpeg

Dance Programme

  1. Dashing White Sergeant

  2. Reel of the 51st Highland Division

  3. Waltz

  4. Eightsome Reel followed by Foursome Reel

  5. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

  6. Foxtrot

  7. Hamilton House

  8. Duke of Perth

  9. Scottish Waltz

  10. Mairi's Wedding

  11. Speed the Plough, also known as the Inverness Country Dance

  12. Quickstep

  13. Reel of the 51st Highland Division

  14. Gallop (John Peel)

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